Our History

It’s the story of a couple of guys who met over a decade ago, each working independently in the brewing world, rubbing shoulders, and appreciating each other’s presence, but with no common goal. The idea of developing a project together was far from their minds, until the planets aligned and they got together, chatted a bit and developed a brewing project together, joining their respective strengths and talents to create something interesting.

Brasseurs des Collines was born in the spring of 2022 and saw the birth of its first beer in December of that same year. Since then, the guys have been moving forward, working hard to realize this new dream of establishing themselves in the MRC des Collines, an area as attractive for its beauty as it is for the welcoming character of its communities and its rich, little-known history.

Our Mission

Our mission is first and foremost to dare to brew Québécois by creating beers made with 100% ingredients from our beautiful province, promoting local terroir as much as possible, all the while respecting beer traditions and established styles. 

In doing so, we travel through the history of our region, highlighting different moments that help us know and understand better our key places and people, by sharing information in a variety of ways, making sure to do so as much as possible in the playful way that characterizes us.

Martin Gravel

Martin Gravel

Beer sommelier

An epicurean with a passion for beer and the pleasures of the table, Martin is a graduate of the very first cohort of La Cité d’Ottawa’s Sommelier-bière program. With over 25 years of sales/customer service experience in various fields ranging from golf and petroleum to technology and flooring, he is now Human Resources Manager at IGA Famille Charles.

The effervescence of the beer world, especially as it relates to microbreweries, is a worldwide phenomenon. And it’s all the more interesting because it combines culture, history, geography and know-how. He takes great pleasure in sharing his passion and knowledge through his radio appearances on Energie 104.1, Unik FM, l’Envol des Monts and the English-language newspaper LowDown.

He’ll be delighted to talk about it when his path crosses yours.

Dominique Gosselin

Dominique Gosselin


A biochemist with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Ottawa, Dominique’s passion for beer began towards the end of CEGEP. Seeing that his budget couldn’t keep up with his passion, he started brewing in his parents’ basement in the early 2000s, figuring he could now try any style he wanted, for much less money, without being limited to what was on the market.

That was all it took to ignite the passion that was born. From that moment on, Dominique knew he wanted to become a professional brewer. It wasn’t long before he had the idea of starting Gatineau’s first microbrewery, and at the genesis of this project he went to Belgium to perfect his knowledge at the Institut Meurice in Brussels. His project, and that of his associates at the time, came to fruition in 2009, and he was at the brewery’s helm for 13 years, until 2022.

During his brewing career, our brewmaster also taught future sommeliers and professional brewers. Today, Dominique is devoting himself to his new baby, Collines de Bonnes Bières , to create beers made from 100% Quebec ingredients.