Double IPA

Double IPA
Double IPA
Alcohol content
70 IBU

Double IPA

A golden-orange beer topped by a compact, aromatic head. Aromas of citrusy hops, enhanced by well-balanced alcohol. Liquid comfort.

With this third creation in the ”Collines de Bonne…” series, the personality of this collection of brews takes shape, with creative accents of contemporary New World inspiration. Fruity aromatic hops, an uprooting of brewing traditions, much like the wave of brewing revival that began around the 1980s. This time, we bring you Collines de Bonne Double IPA.

To personify this big, strong, opulent, and comforting beer, we’ve chosen the bear. A huge animal that’s always impressive, even frightening, to come across on a walk in the woods! This strong, fleshy, round, and cozy animal was perfect for this beer. Its fur is reminiscent of the comfort felt when one is settled in front of the fireplace for warm evenings of lounging, reading, or a bit of cuddling. And how can we forget those childhood images of Winnie the Pooh continually gorging himself on honey? This Collines de Bonne bière is bursting with the very treasure our bear loves! The golden-orange visual reminds us of this honey, much like the color of the beer.

What is a double IPA, aka imperial IPA? It’s a beer with a high alcohol content, obtained by having a wort with a higher initial sugar density. To avoid a syrupy texture, easily fermentable simple sugars are added, usually dextrose, sucrose, invert sugar or candi sugar. None of these are produced in our terroir, and since we only make beers with Quebec ingredients, a local honey became the obvious choice. Hops are also at the center of this double IPA’s personality, in a West Coast citrus-inspired style. It’s a favorite style of our Master Brewer, who has decided to make you a Collines de Bonne!

The malt base of this beer comes from Innomalt in Sherbrooke with its English pale ale and a hint of M2, which adds color and cookie flavors to the product. A generous amount of wildflower honey from BeeApi Farm in Val-des-Monts, right in the heart of our Collines-de-l’Outaouais region, boosts the alcohol content and wraps around this robust beer like a soft velvet glove. This beer, the most local of our production, is generously loaded with Magnum bitterness and aroma with a judicious blend of Chinook, Centennial, Cascade and El Dorado from Houblonnière Lupuline in the Pontiac region. The result is a strong, hoppy beer that is warm, comforting, cozy and well-balanced. Those slight notes of marmalade in the finish almost give us the impression that it was meant for breakfast. Scottish yeast from Labo, Solution brassicole de la Pocatière was selected to complete the brewing magic.



The label features the bear, a well-chosen animal for this beer. Although it may seem heavy at 9% alcohol, its balance is quite interesting for pairing with a variety of dishes. A nice sweetness that leads to a frank bitterness is always interesting with a dish in sauce that tops grilled, braised or stewed meat. In addition, its honey and marmalade notes add a beautiful dimension to pairings with cheeses, pâtés and charcuterie. And what can we say about the possible pairings with desserts such as cheese cakes, simply Wow.

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